Five guys chef shares test for ensuring ‘perfectly cooked’ bacon every time

You can say what you want about bacon, but its popularity cannot be denied.

A much-loved staple, it has even been voted as the best part of a full English breakfast.

But not all meat- lovers know how to cook perfectly-crisp bacon.

Luckily, a chef has shared his top tip for testing bacon before plating it up, and everyone can use it.

So while it is one his restaurant staff swear by, all cooks can make use of his simple hack to enjoy a mouth-watering meal, no matter where you are dining.

But fair warning, if you don’t like your bacon with a crunch, you should look away now.

Taking to TikTok, @ fiveguysnl revealed how they make sure “bacon is perfectly cooked”.

The excited chef then explains how to use the failproof hack.

“Let it fall! If it breaks the bacon is perfectly crisp.”

The simple instruction, which appears onscreen, is followed up by a demonstration.

A well-cooked rasher is then held before the camera before it is dropped onto tinfoil and breaks into several pieces.

And thousands of bacon fans loved the video, which has racked up over 280,000 likes.

But not everyone was convinced crispy bacon is the way to go, with the chef’s advice igniting a debate in the comments.

One person wrote: “Naww the soft bacon is the best.”

And others thought the rasher in the video looked “burned”.

But a different commenter said: “I refuse to eat bacon if its not crispy like this.”

“It’s perfect,” a second agreed.

And a third added: “Bacon can’t be burnt.”