Inside farmhouse frozen in time for 20 years – and its electricity is still connected

An abandoned family home that’s been frozen in time for more than 20 years – still pays the electricity bill.

The two-bedroom farmhouse, in Lodge Farm in Dunnington, was uncovered by urban explorer Kyle Urbex, 26, from Leeds, during an exploration in York.

This intriguing property was once owned by a married couple, Mr and Mrs Frankland who were pig farmers.

When the pig farming business was on the decline in the early 2000s, the couple vacated the property, with the untouched interiors suggesting that this move was sudden.

Intriguingly, during the exploration, the electricity was still found to be working.

Kyle uncovered the memories of the family who once lived there, which hark back to the property’s fascinating history at the turn of the century.

Rooms appear to be trapped in a different era with outdated décor, from the ornate carpets to the ageing furniture and posters.

A glimpse inside the living room shows gaudy floral furniture from days gone by, placed upon a patterned rug and surrounded by dark wooden cabinets, the contents of which remain concealed behind closed glass doors.

This room, like every other, remains unnervingly well-preserved.

Beds remain neatly made, appearing ready for the absent owner’s next slumber and nostalgic objects of sentimental value like family photographs, shells, pinecones, and postcards are left adorning mantel pieces and fireplaces.

The bathroom is decorated with perfectly intact tiling as a bathtub stands in usable condition, complete with toiletries and cleaning products standing on its edges.

Kyle was left baffled at the property still having electricity, he said: “The thing that surprised me the most was how somebody could still be paying the electric bill.

“But leave the house to decay to the point where the window frames were rotting away from the glass.

“Not to mention all the family memories that remain inside.”

He admitted taking in all the surroundings which were left by the pig farmers as many items were left behind.

Kyle said: “I spent around an hour there I’d say just fully taking in all the surroundings and seeing what was inside, such as the number of books in the bookcase and all the different styled postcards and not to mention the fudge decaying on the fireplace.

“There were some sentimental objects inside such as family photographs and little keepsakes.

“It truly is frozen in time as if someone walked out and never got the chance to return.

“I’d had this particular location on my Google maps for a while along with all the other locations throughout the UK I have saved.

“I thought I’d finally go check it out not fully knowing what to expect and I was stunned to see what was inside when I first arrived, I couldn’t believe it.

“Once arriving it was clear it was abandoned with the decay surrounding the house and the overgrown garden.

“Its satellite view from Google clearly shows it hidden away and overgrown.”